Build a Referral Relationship with Southeastern Benefits


Southeastern Benefits makes it simpler for you to do business. Allow us to offer group benefits to your commercial accounts and we will refer property and casualty referrals back to you. We meet or consult with employees one on one whenever possible. In return for your referral, we ask each employee if they would like a free home or auto quote. Together, we will grow and succeed as partners, offering the best coverage to employers and their employees.

Robust product portfolio

Help clients fill in the gaps left by major medical insurance plans. Regardless of whatever other kind of insurance you currently sell, adding supplemental insurance to your portfolio can get you where you want to be. Increase your earning potential, commissions, and renewals when you work with Southeastern Benefits.

Affordable solutions for clients

Clients appreciate when valued business partners pass on cost savings of any kind. Work with John Moore at Southeastern Benefits to offer supplemental insurance to your clients and benefit from our products as well as added value to existing insurance policies.

Benefits abound keep clients around

Supplemental insurance policies cover specific problems or illnesses, like accidental injuries, hospital stays, or a cancer diagnosis. The perk of these policies is that they show you care when it comes to covering problems that regular insurance does not. Offering increased financial protection in a time of need is invaluable. Keep clients around and gain new ones by finding the gaps and offering benefits they can’t get anywhere else.