Offering group coverage for the benefit of your business


Offering a robust insurance policy benefits the company and your employees. Not only does this help your staff, it also lets them know that you view them as your most valued assets. We offer a diversified portfolio of benefits at the most competitive group rates on the market. Separate yourself from other employers by working with Southeastern Benefits.

Become a choice employer

Recruit and retain top talent with superior benefits plans that close the gap left by major medical insurance. Southeastern Benefits guarantees exceptional customer service and commiserative claims assistance delivered with a personal touch. We’ll help employees see the value in working at your company by greatly enhancing their benefits package.

Employee-paid premiums

Help employees without hurting your bottom line. Employee-paid premiums give them the extra coverage they need at no cost to you. Employees pay for supplemental insurance plans through a simple payroll deduction. Employers aren’t required to contribute to supplemental insurance plans offered by Southeastern Benefits, but we can work with you to design the best policy for your company.

No pre-existing condition limitations

We believe insurance should be compassionate. Supplemental plans from Southeastern Benefits are made for everyone, regardless of a pre-existing condition. Our coverage gives employees peace of mind when they need it most, assisting with out-of-pocket expenses and daily living costs.